About Me

Two summers ago, my mom dropped off three boxes of childhood memorabilia. They sat in the basement until the hot weather made cleaning the lower level sound fun. As I went through old report cards and notes from friends, I came across writing from my elementary years. A particular story about a penguin finding his way from the North Pole and meeting Santa Claus was actually quite creative, and I remembered how much I loved to write.

Fast forward to our late summer family vacation. We went to the Gulf Shores, and I bought my customary, thrift-store book finds (so they could get sandy or wet without worry). I purchased two romance novels, my favorite type of reading for vacation. One ended up being slow and boring, although it was clean and Christian-based. The other ended up being a page turner but was rated ‘R’ for content. Both went in the trash.

On the way home, we passed a town called Coffeeville, Mississippi and a white farmhouse on the side of the highway. With many miles ahead, I started daydreaming about who would live in that farmhouse, and I began to take notes. Thankfully, I wasn’t the one driving.

Back in Springfield, I decided to try my hand at penning a clean Christian romance novel. Each night between eight and nine, I would write. Five months later, my first book was complete, and I didn’t want the new journey to stop!

Thankfully, my husband and our teenage son supported my budding dream, and often Bentley, our beloved black lab mix who’s perpetually on a diet, cheered me on for moral support. (In actuality, he laid by my side dreaming of chasing rabbits.)

God is Creator, and I think He gives His children scoops of creativity- dished out in different ways. Besides savoring words and storytelling, I also love the art of making music. I’m thankful I get to work with children every week, teaching voice and piano lessons as a private music teacher.