No one knows what’s in Hawk’s backyard, even though strange noises erupt from it at odd hours.  The tall fence and green shrubs block the view while the neighbors steer clear.  Port wine stains cover half of Hawk’s face and his serpent-like tongue coupled with reclusive behavior make him anything but popular.

When kind-hearted Danielle Davison moves in next door, a wind of change blows in Hawk’s direction.  The beautiful thirty-three-year old social worker spends long hours each week advocating for children in the foster care system.  Danielle’s tumultuous upbringing has shaped her career path and her view of men.  She doesn’t trust nice guys- especially ones that wear suits.

James Patton, a newly elected representative for Illinois’s forty-first district, needs a date for the inaugural ball and learns that his academic equal from high school is living in the capitol city of Springfield.  Although his plans for the ball change, he reunites with a reluctant Danielle and confirms she’s still incredible.

As James and Hawk vie for Danielle’s attention, something happens that changes that course of all three lives.  Will Danielle learn to see past exteriors?  Who uncovers Hawk’s secrets?  Can James win Danielle’s heart?  Facing Love is a clean, contemporary Christian romance that will leave readers guessing until the very end.

“Facing Love” is now for sale on Amazon.

Book two in the Capitol Hearts Series, Finding Home, released on December 10, 2020!

          Adams Landscaping is broke.  Ethan’s marketing skills are non-existent, and he fears he’ll be stuck forever transcribing medical records from his tiny trailer, the Artic Fox, while he stares at the twenty-three acres of blooming dreams in his backyard.  Then a miracle happens that makes him, and his business, an overnight success.  When his phone won’t stop ringing, Claire Rogers, the sweet elementary school teacher who lives with her parents on the farm next door, is hired to be his receptionist.

          While Ethan struggles to hone his interpersonal skills for the first time, kind-hearted Claire becomes the voice of his business earning the customers’ trust and appreciation.  As Ethan moves into the local spotlight, seductive bartender Jezmeen Williams sets her sights on the handsome landscaper who visits Finley’s Taphouse regularly-and no one ever forgets a glance from Jezmeen.

          Claire finds herself unsettled with Ethan’s choices and Jezmeen’s grasp on her employer, so she makes a drastic change that leaves Ethan without the one he has come to depend on.  When Claire returns, she finds much has changed—including herself.  Why is a talkative thirteen-year-old girl living with Ethan?  Who’s forcing Claire’s family farm to be sold?  Where does Ethan turn when he’s about to lose it all?  Author Laura Powell has you turning pages in book two of the Capitol Hearts series, Finding Home.